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Family Mbrs



Single Class Walk-in




One Month *




One Month *



10% family discount

One Month *



20% family discount

One Month *



30% family discount


  • * This is an irrevocable commitment to a full year of Martial Arts instruction
  • There are no refunds for any classes once the session has begun. Students who do not attend one or more sessions of a class are not due a "partial" refund. All sales are inal. No exceptions will be made.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Annual Registration is $35
  • Convenience fee of +4% will be added on CC charges

Should You Sign a Martial Arts Contract?

  • Signing a contract once you’ve evaluated a school and determined that you want to study there. 
  • A contract helps the school have more stable financials, allowing it to stay open. 
  • Without that commitment, a school would never know how many students will return the next month or whether they could afford the rent, insurance and electricity needed to run the school.
  • It also provides a commitment on the student’s part. Yes, students often change their mind. Especially when they realize that learning a martial art is *WORK*.
  • If you only have month to month, lots of people will come in and try it for a month or two and then leave.. when in those first couple months they require the most attention from instructors. Why should instructors invest that attention in students who could decide not to show up for the next class, when they could focus on those who are determined to progress?
  • You should evaluate a school thoroughly before signing a contract. Make sure you are compatible with the instructors and the philosophy of the school. If you are really uncomfortable with the idea of signing a contract, It would take that as a sign that you’re not really comfortable with the school or your instructor.

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