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The Japanese Martial Arts Academy, LLC; member of the International Budo Ryokukai of Japan.

Our exclusive training curriculum includes the best disciplines in Japanese Martial Arts:

  • Ryokukai Aikido; this martial art utilizes an opponent's momentum to cause imbalance resulting in the opponent being rendered harmless.

  • Shotokan & Ryokukai Karate; developed from various Japanese Karate styles by Gichin Funakoshi (1868–1957) and by Katzumi Niikura (1943-Present). 

  • Ju-Jutsu; is a self-defense martial art and combat sport based on grappling, ground fighting and submission holds.

  • Tai-chi; is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation

We believe in strengthening the mind and body through self-discipline, fitness and awareness. By training at our Academy you will learn habits that will help develop a healthy lifestyle and positive mental outlook.

We are under the guidance and tutelage of Katzumi Niikura, Sensei; 8th Dan in Karate & 5th Dan in Aikido, founder of the the International Budo Ryokukai. See him in action in the video below:

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