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Dojo Instructors

oscar fpicOscar Silvera, Sensei
Silvera Sensei is the Dojo's Hombu Cho (Headquarter's Director), Chief Instructor and USA Technical Director of the International Seitokan Karate-do Association and an USA-NKF Kumite Judge. 

He started training in variety of Martial Arts; such as Iaido, Aikido, Taekwondo, Judo, Krav Maga, Tai chi, Kickboxing, Kung fu and others. His martial arts training started in Lima, Peru, back in 1984. Currently holds 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate, Black Belt Dan in Iaido, and in Tae Kwon Do. Sensei Silvera offers insights into the relationships between various martial arts and the effective training methods found in those arts. For more information about him; Please visit his page here.

Rosa Silvera, Sempai

Silvera Sempai has trained in Karate Shotokan for over twenty years. Currently holds a Black Belt 1st Dan. She has competed heavely in her young years of training and got many medals and awards. 

Rosa has started training since she was nine years old. Her karate training was strong and showed its result after winning sparring tournaments in Lima, Peru. Her teaching is efficient with children and understands the patience it needs to nurture them into good martial artists.

Samuel Hargis, Sempai
At an early age, I had a fascination with the martial arts and science.  At my college, Northeastern University, I got the opportunity to study and trained in Kung Fu.   Later on in life, I trained in Okinawan style martial arts which included Shorin Ryu, Goju Ryu, and Isshin Ryu. This was under the tutorage of Dr. Aiello, Hanshi of the Shito Kan organization.  At present, I am a Shodan in Shotokan Karate under the guidance of Sensei Oscar Silvera.  Also to note, I am a judge and member of the USA Karate Association.   “Karate is not just about the physical, it is about forging the mind, spirit and body.”  It is design to make you into a better person, a better student, a better and stronger individual.  “Zensho - Live life without regret”

Richard Holland, Sempai
Richard’s interest in martial arts in the late began 1970’s having won an Athletic Achievement Award in wrestling.  He kept active over the years with Tai Chi and took up karate in 1996.  He has studied Chito Ryu, Renshikan Shito Ryu and began studying Shotokan under Sensei Silvera in 2009.  He has been fortunate enough to have attended seminars held by Sensei Mitchell German, past coach of the national Canadian Karate Team, Sensei Gary Sabean, Chito Ryu Soke Cup winner as well as seminars by Sensei Shane Higashi and the late O Sensei David Aktugawa. 

As well as practicing karate Richard holds a USA-NKF Judge’s License for kata and both participates and judges in as many tournaments as possible.  He has also studied Aikido and Judo.

Our Instructors have the passion for coaching, teaching and mentoring kids to become succesful not only in Karate but  more important in life.

Training Prices


Family Mbrs



Single Class Walk-in




One Month *




One Month *



10% family discount

One Month *



20% family discount

One Month *



30% family discount


  • * This is an irrevocable commitment to a full year of Martial Arts instruction
  • There are no refunds for any classes once the session has begun. Students who do not attend one or more sessions of a class are not due a "partial" refund. All sales are inal. No exceptions will be made.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Annual Registration is $35
  • Convenience fee of +4% will be added on CC charges

Should You Sign a Martial Arts Contract?

  • Signing a contract once you’ve evaluated a school and determined that you want to study there. 
  • A contract helps the school have more stable financials, allowing it to stay open. 
  • Without that commitment, a school would never know how many students will return the next month or whether they could afford the rent, insurance and electricity needed to run the school.
  • It also provides a commitment on the student’s part. Yes, students often change their mind. Especially when they realize that learning a martial art is *WORK*.
  • If you only have month to month, lots of people will come in and try it for a month or two and then leave.. when in those first couple months they require the most attention from instructors. Why should instructors invest that attention in students who could decide not to show up for the next class, when they could focus on those who are determined to progress?
  • You should evaluate a school thoroughly before signing a contract. Make sure you are compatible with the instructors and the philosophy of the school. If you are really uncomfortable with the idea of signing a contract, It would take that as a sign that you’re not really comfortable with the school or your instructor.

How important is parental support in martial arts? – Thank You Mom!


“A family’s support is fundamental for  kid’s success. One of the best things you can do for your child is to offer them a healthy and safe environment where they can develop a strong character though hard work, and showing them that they can count on you to guide them to face any challenges they may have.”


Human beings are social individuals by nature who live in society, and we all like to know that we have someone to trust and count on for support.

In our childhood no one knows us better than our parents and family; they are the one who we trust the most. When a child knows that they can rely on their parents for guidance and support it provides the child with more freedom to be brave and take on challenges that will promote improvements in all areas.

Every child has a different goal that they are trying to reach though martial arts. Some of them are looking for more discipline, where as, some others are simply looking to exercise. Whatever their goals are, for example, listening skills, coordination, staying focused, working in a group, self confidence, self defense, or how to deal with a bully; it becomes much easier to accomplish these things in a supportive environment.

That is why when parents and coaches team up it becomes extremely important for the child’s development and achievement of the main specific goal for that child in martial arts. The exchange of information will allow parents and coaches to have a better understanding of the methods used to accomplish the desired goal, and to evaluate results and correct mistakes. Professors and Coaches work with the kids on the mats using special training methods to strengthen their bodies, mind, and spirit. Parents work with the kids at home encouraging good behavior and success.

We would like to say thank you to all the parents who support our Future Champions on a daily basis because the parent’s participation is so important. Especially to the moms who work hard to bring their kids to class everyday. They always have something nice and supportive to say.



In this past Olympics in London, Proctor & Gamble did an outstanding campaign thanking all moms who support their kids in  sports. We highly recommend watching these amazing videos that show great examples of hard work, perseverance, fighting against all odds, and never giving up mentality. Like Natalie Hawkins, mom of Gabrielle Douglas, who had to “learn how to let go”, or Lori Jones, mom of Lolo Jones, who passed on to her daughter the “keep fighting attitude”.


ryokukai 2019


The Japanese Martial Arts Academy, LLC; member of the International Budo Ryokukai of Japan.

Our exclusive training curriculum includes the best disciplines in Japanese Martial Arts:

  • Ryokukai Aikido; this martial art utilizes an opponent's momentum to cause imbalance resulting in the opponent being rendered harmless.

  • Shotokan & Ryokukai Karate; developed from various Japanese Karate styles by Gichin Funakoshi (1868–1957) and by Katzumi Niikura (1943-Present). 

  • Ju-Jitsu; is a self-defense martial art and combat sport based on grappling, ground fighting and submission holds.

  • Judo; is a Japanese martial art and Olympic sport involving using holds and leverage to submit an opponent.

We believe in strengthening the mind and body through self-discipline, fitness and awareness. By training at our Academy you will learn habits that will help develop a healthy lifestyle and positive mental outlook.

We are under the guidance and tutelage of Katzumi Niikura, Sensei; 8th Dan in Karate & 5th Dan in Aikido, founder of the the International Budo Ryokukai. See him in action in the video below:

Have a Question?

  • Would you like more information on our Martial Arts programs offered? Please contact us with your questions or call us at (734) 447-3000

Women Self-Defense Training: Six-Week Workshop

 Six-Week Workshop for $89

Women's Self Defense

Learn to defend yourself! Pre-registration is now open for the Women Self-Defense Training Course, designed to teach physical and psychological self-defense skills to women and transgender folks of all skill levels and backgrounds.


 You’ll learn:

  1. How to escape from grabs and chokes
  2. How to block and strike powerfully
  3. How to set—and keep—boundaries
  4. How to stand your ground
  5. How to use pressure points to safely dissuade or disable an attacker
  6. How to execute basic takedowns and fight while on the ground

…and much more!

The course takes place on mornings or evenings. 

To pre-register online at this link, or leave a message on our voice mail: 734-447-3000 

Class size is limited; please pre-register as early as possible to reserve aspot

Questions about the class? Not sure if this is right for you? Just ask!  Our teachers will be happy to help.


I have trained in Shotokan Karate for several years and a few other martial arts. I have had some very good Senseis and some not so good. In all my years I have never been taught to such a degree of understanding as I am now receiving from Sensei Oscar Silvera. His knowledge and understanding of the martial arts are way beyond anything that I have ever been taught and have ever seen. I wish I had been been schooled by him in my younger days but as a wise man said, It is never too late.

John T. 

Livonia, MI




Dear Sensei Oscar,
My husband and I with my son has visited and observed some Karate classes (including Tae Kwon Do) around my place, closer than yours, and we found out that no instructor was as good as you, Oscar Sensei.

We investigated a lot about if there are convenient location, reasonable tuition and good quality of practice (that is the most important), and we spend many hours before deciding what we should do here...

My husband and I have no choice other than you as his Sensei to practice with considering with Karate technique even if the location is too faraway from us!
And I would like to make sure that my son can be strong enough to wear a black belt during our 3 more years staying in U.S.!
We are looking forward to see you soon.

Mrs. Suzuki
Novi, Michigan




Sensei Oscar and all of the instructors offer a wealth of expertise with everyone bringing something unique to the mix. This is a very friendly club and it is a pleasure to train there especially with so many times available for training.‎


Livonia, Michigan

Nice, clean facility. Oscar is a great teacher and very friendly with everyone!
My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves learning Karate! 


Dearborn, MIchigan




My daughter and I train together here at Silverado Nippon Karate and really appreciate the personal attention given to each student. Sensei Oscar takes everyones development very seriously and personally. Training is always challenging and enjoyable. We will continue to train here for a long time!!!



Livonia, Michigan




Sensei Oscar and his staff are very thorough and provide a wide range of both technical and practical training. I am very impressed with the individual attention Sensei provides to all of his students. His goal is obviously to bring the student to the height of their own ability and does not try to fit everyone in the same mold.



Livonia, Michigan




Sensei Oscar and all the black-belt instructors that assist him are great teachers. You will get in shape, learn self-defense and also receive insights into the deeper meaning of traditional martial arts. It is also possible to train 6 days per week. The kicking class on Saturday morning is phenomenal, and so are the other days when different aspects of Shotokan Karate-do are emphasized. The place is great for kids as well as adults trying to get back into shape. Love this dojo. Dan O, Livonia.


Thank You

Domo arigato



Thank you for your request.

Your registration form has been submitted successfully and you will be contacted if we have any questions about your registration.


Please feel free to call us at (734) 447-300

Yours in the Martial Arts,



Sensei Oscar Silvera 



In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about our Oscar Silvera's Karate FAQs

Bunkai Seminar

oscar silvera karate bunkaiImprove your knowledge and skills for the kata applications.

What is Bunkai?

Bunkai, literally meaning "analysis" or "disassembly", is a term used in Japanese martial arts referring to process of analysing kata and extracting fighting techniques from the movements of a "form" (kata). 

What is a Kata?

Kata are small, structured practice routines or protocols. Through physical practice their pattern becomes second nature, done with little conscious attention. Kata are typically for learning. Kata is considered to be the soul of Karate.

 Why Bunkai?

Unfortunately; it is widely interpreted that the basic techniques in a kata as only simple blocks or simple strikes.

Did you know?

Many techniques is a Kata contain all the hallmark of signature basic to brutal techniques, including atemi-waza (striking), nage-waza (throwing or takedowns), kansetsu-waza (joint-locks & manipulation), shime-waza (choking), ne-waza (ground fighting & submission) and usage of human pressure points.

About Bunkai Seminars:

  • Are open to any school or martial artist regardless of style, system, or affiliation.
  • You would have the oppotunity to train and learn effective street self defense drills of the many different levels of bunkai techniques, covering from a simple restrain to causing serious injury. 
  • The classes are done in a safe, supportive and fun environment.


oscar bunkaiHave a Question? 


Would you like more information about our Bunkai Seminar classes and programs offered by Oscar Silvera, Sensei.

Please contact us with your questions or call us at (734) 447-3000. We would like to hear from you.





Evangeline Toledo


  • 1st Place 2010 USA Karate Nationals, KATA
  • 1st Place 2011 USA Open, Las Vegas KATA
  • 1st Place 2011 16th Kubota World Cup 2011 World Championship, KATA
  • 1st Place 2011 16th Kubota World Cup 2011 World Championship, KUMITE


Oscar Silvera, Sensei


  • 1st Place 2013 International Rocky Mountain Tournament KATA
  • 1st Place 2013 International Rocky Mountain Tournament IAIDO
  • 1st Place 2010 Japan Karate Shoto Federation Pan American KATA
  • 2nd Place 2010 Japan Karate Shoto Federation Pan American KUMITE

Oscar Silvera Jr.

·         2nd Place 2014 Michigan Karate Tournament KATA

·         2nd Place 2014 Michigan Karate Tournament KUMITE 




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